[Display] Page on [Options] Dialog Box

On [Display] page on [Options] dialog box, you can modify the following settings.


[Draw Lines Smoothly (Antialiasing)]
Turn it on to draw lines smoothly.

[Display image in high quality]
Turn it on to display image shapes in high quality, while lowering the display speed. Turn it off to display image shapes in low quality, while accelerating the display speed.

[Display Frame of Part Drawing Layout]
Turn it on to display the area frame for the part drawing layout on paper. The area frame of the current part drawing layout is displayed in blue continuous lines, while other area frames of the part drawing layout in gray continuous lines.

[Simply display the character of which pixel is lower than …]
When the text display size becomes lower than the specified pixels, the texts will be displayed as rectangles.

[Gray out the layer with [Show Only] and Shape on part drawing.]
Turn it on to display shapes on the layer or part drawing with the status of "Show Only" in gray. This setting does not affect printed results.

[Color depth]
Set the depth of gray. Move the slider right or left. The more the slider moves to the right, the darker gray becomes.

Current part drawing when switching to paper tab

Select [Do not change current part drawing] to make sure the current part drawing does not change when switching to the paper tab.
Select [Hold current part drawing for each paper tab] to change to the previous current part drawing of the paper tab when switching to the paper tab.