[Save] Page on [Options] Dialog Box

On [Save] page on [Options] dialog box, you can modify the following settings.


[Save Preview]
Turn it on to also save the drawing preview when a drawing file is saved. Saving a preview enables thumbnail display of drawing files on Windows Explorer.

[Create Backup File]
Turn it on to save the previously saved contents as a backup file when saving a drawing file. Backup files are saved in the same folder as the original files with the extension of ".rpcb".

[Automatic Backup]
Turn it on to automatically create a backup file for recovery at a specified interval. Input an interval for creating a backup file in the interval box.
Backup files for recovery are used when RootPro CAD hangs up or closes abnormally. The file can be opened the next time the system starts up.
When RootPro CAD closes normally, backup files for recovery will be automatically deleted.

[Automatically save template when closing the drawing file.]
Turn it on to automatically save a template file when closing a drawing.
Turn it off to save a template file after displaying a message box to confirm saving a template file.

[Template file location]
Specify the default folder to be displayed on [Save As] dialog box when creating a new drawing from a template, or saving a drawing as a template.

Backup files for recovery do not warrant complete restoration of drawing files.

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